Nova Meditation Test
This is a test animation created in Daz Studio for a larger project that I started a couple of years ago. Heading back to school to further my education shelved the project, but I still have the files and am considering returning to it. I’ve of course learned a great deal at The Art Institute since making this, but I still like the general idea behind it. This character was supposed to be doing a floating meditation animated loop in the background as the POV moved around the scene of a starship, interacting with other characters.

About Daz Studio:
Daz Studio renders/animations are works of art ultimately created by one person, but are possible only through the efforts of many artists pooling their resources to aid in each other’s artistic visions. As such, I’ll list specifically what I am responsible for in each image/animation in this gallery.

I am responsible for all animation, modeling the character’s headpiece, painting her skin texture, creating her character morphs (face and body shape), creating all of the texture maps for her clothes, and setting up the scene.
All other 3D resources are from the marketplaces at Renderosity, Daz3D, and the independent vendor Terrymcg.

Software Used:
Daz Studio
Autodesk Mudbox
Autodesk Maya
Adobe Premiere Pro

Additional Credits:
The character depicted in this animation is Nova Akosah, a Star Wars fan-created character created by Raikoh-illust. He has given me permission to use the likeness of his character in this instance.