Porax-38 Starfighter
This is one of my oldest models. It has gone through and is still going through many changes. As I sharpen my skills, I continue to come back and improve on it. Originally, I modeled the P-38, a space ship from the Star Wars universe, for use as a playable unit in Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. Not only was it successfully modeled, textured, rigged and XML coded for the game, but I also made it available for other gamers to use. Up until FileFront.com was shut down, it was available for download there and earned well over a thousand downloads.

More currently, I've been adding details and slowly converting it to a more high-poly version for use in animation and character art. My endgame is to have modeled a fully detailed cockpit and a high-resolution texture map to show all of the smallest details like gaps in the metal paneling.

Project Purpose
Personal Project
Model and texture a vehicle for use as a playable asset in a computer game.
Enhance computer game ready model to higher quality for use in animation and character art.

Software Used: