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I created this render as a four year anniversary gift for my wife. We were married on leap day, so we technically only have a wedding anniversary once every four years, hence the title of this render. The two characters represent my wife and I respectively in our own fictional universe. My wife came up with the concept of her character and then I constructed the visual elements to her specifications.

About Daz Studio:
Daz Studio renders/animations are works of art ultimately created by one person, but are possible only through the efforts of many artists pooling their resources to aid in each other’s artistic visions. As such, I’ll list specifically what I am responsible for in each image/animation in this gallery.

I created the skin textures of the purple character and made several modifications to the clothing and wing textures. I also created both characters’ morphs (face and body shapes). Finally, I alone posed, lit, framed, and overall constructed the scene.
All other 3D resources are from the marketplaces at Renderosity and Daz3D.

Software Used:
Daz Studio
Autodesk Mudbox

Date Created
February 29th, 2016