Girl of Steel
Girl of Steel

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Supergirl, in the style of the live-action show, just landed and is ready for a fight. Since 2013, I’ve been a beta tester for Poser Pro artist and vendor, Terrymcg. He creates conforming and dynamic clothing items for Daz3D’s human base model, Victoria 4.2. Before he posts the clothing items for sale online, he sends them to me to test in Daz Studio. As part of my beta testing process, I finish by creating a completed render. Sometimes, the final renders reveal bugs that I otherwise may have missed. This is one of those beta test renders. Terrymcg created all of Supergirl’s clothing in this image.

About Daz Studio:
Daz Studio renders/animations are works of art ultimately created by one person, but are possible only through the efforts of many artists pooling their resources to aid in each other’s artistic visions. As such, I’ll list specifically what I am responsible for in each image/animation in this gallery.

I alone posed, lit, framed, and overall constructed the scene.
All other 3D resources are from the marketplaces at Renderosity, Daz3D, and the independent vendor Terrymcg.

Software Used:
Daz Studio

Date Created
December 24th, 2015