Assassin of the Mist
Assassin of the Mist

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This is my Star Wars fan-made character, Kiva Sturm, a Nightsister of Dathomir. I find the fictional Nightsister culture quite fascinating and I love their visual aesthetic. While this is a basic showcase render, the pose and framing was inspired by a painting that I saw in a museum when I was a kid.

About Daz Studio:
Daz Studio renders/animations are works of art ultimately created by one person, but are possible only through the efforts of many artists pooling their resources to aid in each other’s artistic visions. As such, I’ll list specifically what I am responsible for in each image/animation in this gallery.

I am responsible for modeling, texturing and rigging the bow. I also created the character’s skin textures, her character morphs (face and body shape), and I also created the textures for her clothing. Finally, I alone posed, lit, framed, and overall constructed the scene.
All other 3D resources are from the marketplaces at Renderosity and Daz3D.

Software Used:
Daz Studio

Date Created
March 6th, 2014